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We were founded in 1990 on the principles of developing a balance of financial and tax services which are Pro-Active (planning) and Re-Active (reporting) for individuals and businesses.

Today we operate with the goal of Build Smartly Protect Strongly
We believe the right people enable us to be effective in service and performance; first and foremost we operate as a team; the organization supports all members in skills development, supplies the best tools and practices and provides an atmosphere that encourages work life balance.

The firm believes a healthy person is a productive resource. Three times a week the firm provides an exercise program with a trainer to all team members. This helps to create a very strong bond between team members…..nothing quite like seeing someone push themselves at the same time you are.

Here is our team before our workout:


And here we are after (the one not sweating is the trainer)


Our fitness program was featured in an article in AccountingWeb.com.

The firm believes in education, specifically on-going. In addition to the requirements of continuing education for our CPAs, the firm has supported its team members in the pursuit of additional college degrees. Most recently Jaana Leskinen received her B.S.  in Technical Management with Concentration in Accounting from DeVry University in the summer of 2010.  In addition, we work to stay current with tax sotware and paperless technology developments so we can provide efficient and Class A service for our clients.

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